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Leggings - Luxe Fleece Tights

Leggings - Luxe Fleece Tights

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Keeping your Legs Warm while walking out this Winter

The ultimate winter Fashion hack with our Super Stretch Fiber Blend, our leggings sizes:

Some days it's a leggings type of day, but in the winter it can get really cold, and it's just not worth it... but now it is!

With our Super Stretch Pantyhose Leggings, you can wear leggings every day in the winter without freezing your legs off! With 2 Heat Levels, you can literally go anywhere without worrying about being too cold, from Breezy Fall to Mild winters to even Snowstorm days, our Pantyhose Leggings will keep you warm up to -4°F / -20°C.

SIZING: One size fits all. Don't worry about sizing! With our super-stretch technology, it fits all body types, even tested to fit two people on each leg!

We have 4 Different versions: 

  1. Full Feet: Covers both feet to keep them warm, don't need to wear socks
  2. Step-on: Leaves feet opening to wear with socks or thick shoes such as boots
  3. Translucent: To mimic stockings and accentuate outerwear such as coats and boots
  4. Full Color: The leggings vibe! Perfect for daily casual wear

Each version adapts to your body to create a nice contouring effect

Compliments Fall/ Winter Outfits, accentuating your Winter Clothes, while being warm!

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  • Super Stretch One Size Fits All
  • Black colorway works with all skin types including white, fair, brown, black, and tan skin
  • Daily Fall/ Winter Wear
  • 4 Models:
  1. Full Feet
  2. Step-on
  3. Translucent
  4. Full Color
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Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Mireya Rodriguez

Good, good stuff. 180 cm normal for me👌🏼Worried, if I would be small. Chorni Bilsh should be like a viglyadayu nizh Brown

Madelyn Nicolas

They are super comfortable and warm I recommend it 10 out of 10

Jaden Koelpin

its so good ..i selected brown pantyhose.

Cedrick Harris

Leggings - Luxe Fleece Tights

Rylan Lehner

Quality nice👌