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Hair Split Ends Trimmer

Hair Split Ends Trimmer

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1. Blu Ray Hair Care, one key to turn on, easy to operate.

2. Closed lock design, after the splint is clamped, it can be locked with one button for convenient storage.

3. Does not change the length of the hair, only trims the split ends.

4. Double-sided comb: combing/repairing 2 in 1 to avoid pulling. Easily create flowing hair.


1. If the electric hair clipper is used for a long time, the host and blade may heat up. At this time, it is recommended to shut down the machine for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent discomfort caused by overheating.

2. Remember to disconnect the power after each use.

3. Dry hair is easier to trim than wet hair.

4. Do not put the hair clipper into water or trim the hair that is too wet, otherwise it may cause circuit failure.

5. It is forbidden to disassemble, repair or refit the hair clipper without permission after failure.

6. When trimming temples, ears, and other areas, do not use too much force and do not approach the skin too closely.

7. Do not use it to repair pet hair.

8. Remember to clean the hair on the electric hair clipper after disconnecting the power supply.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Dallin Medhurst

Recomand and superb, Frumos Ambalat

Wilhelmine Dicki

Recomand and superb, Frumos Ambalat

Lavern O'Conner

Wear it and it really is fantastic. You have to clean it all the time and also with small strands of hair.
Undoubtedly an excellent product

Kari Koepp

It fulfills its function, I loved the color

Bret Gorczany

Who ever is reading this, i’m telling you it works, it changed my hair texture and cut off the burnt split ends that were starting to annoy me. thank god i bought this instead of going to the salon. MAKE SURE TO SECTION YOUR HAIR with patience- i did not do that abd just did it by chunks- its better when hair is sectioned for evenness