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Anti Bark Collar

Anti Bark Collar

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Introducing Anti-Bark Collar – the solution to restore peace at home! 🏡 With intelligent bark recognition and customizable sensitivity levels, it gently discourages excessive barking without harming your furry friend. 🐾 Comfortable, water-resistant, and rechargeable, it's perfect for all-day wear and outdoor adventures. 🌟 Say goodbye to disruptive barking and hello to tranquility.🤫

Promotes Peaceful Living: 🏡 Enjoy a quieter, calmer home environment without the constant barking.

Comfortable Design: 💤 Lightweight, ergonomic, and irritation-free for all-day wear.

Adjustable Sensitivity: 🎚️ Customize correction levels to match your dog's personality and needs.

Safe and Humane: 🛡️ Gentle sound and vibration stimuli ensure your pet's comfort and well-being.


Introducing Anti-Bark Collar – the ultimate peacekeeper for your home! 🏡 With smart bark recognition and adjustable sensitivity levels, it gently curbs excessive barking without any harm to your furry friend. 🐾 Comfortable, durable, and waterproof, it's perfect for all-day wear and outdoor adventures. 🌟 Say farewell to noisy disruptions and welcome serene silence with  Anti-Bark Collar! 🤫

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lavonne Lebsack

This anti-barking collar works great! I set up on 5th or 6th level of sensitivity, the dog gets discomfort when she barks. Therefore she barks much less than usual. The 7th level is too sensitive and the collar vibrates even when she's quiet.

Cecile Bernhard

Good Goods
Fast Delivery
Fits perfectly you can make bigger and smaller
Until now it helps our dog

Tad Schimmel

Fast reception tested same day dog is faring less to see long term

Kristian Parisian

Before ordering, I was skeptical about this product, but still decided to try it. My dog is a medium sized mongrel. I turned on the vibration + sound mode, power level - 6. After one bark, the collar is triggered and the dog stops barking. So far I'm happy with the result. In addition, the collar does not interfere with the dog while walking. I have to test this in a situation where the dog is left alone at home, because it was for these purposes that I bought this collar. I'll update my review later.

Enoch Hyatt

Once it sounds well.
I'm nervous about crying, so I don't know the effect right now.
The sound-responsive Boff-tone operation seems to be nothing wrong.