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Portable Makeup Brush Cleaner

Portable Makeup Brush Cleaner

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1. Cleaning Modes: Offers gentle, deep, and quick cleaning options for different brushes. 🔄

2. Brush Compatibility: Accommodates various brush sizes, types, and materials. 🖌️

3. Fast Cleaning Time: Thoroughly cleans brushes in minutes, not hours. ⏱️

4. Gentle Yet Effective: Removes makeup, oils, and bacteria without damaging bristles.

5. User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-use controls, removable tray for effortless maintenance. 🌟

Say goodbye to messy tap water! Our automatic brush cleaner efficiently removes impurities without the hassle. Enjoy eco-friendly cleaning for flawless makeup every time. 💧🌟

Before: Dirty makeup brushes harbor residue, oils, and bacteria, compromising makeup application and risking skin irritation. 🤢

After: Our automatic brush cleaner efficiently removes impurities, ensuring flawless makeup application and healthier skin. ✨

Effortlessly achieve clean brushes! Our automatic brush cleaner takes the hassle out of cleaning, providing a seamless experience for flawless makeup application. 💧🌟



Introducing the Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner—an innovative tool that simplifies brush cleaning. With automatic rotation, it efficiently removes makeup residue and bacteria, accommodating various brush sizes and types. Compact and portable, it's perfect for home and travel use. Easy to operate and fast-drying, it's a must-have for makeup enthusiasts seeking convenience and hygiene in their beauty routines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Francis Rau

the product arrived quickly, works properly, brushes with thicker handles do not fit.

Clara Gerhold

Item is as described and feels like good quality. The only complaint I have is that the top sits very loosely. Maybe something to improve upon with the next one.

Jena Hintz

Works excellent👍🏽

Kadin Purdy

I was delighted I recommend buying it, leave the brushes super clean🥰

Jarrett Howe

Portable Makeup Brush Cleaner